Release Announcement of OPTISHAPE-TS2022

September 27, 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of OPTISHAPE-TS 2022.
The newest product allows you to use a lot of wonderful enhancements and improvements, including new cost functions for steady-state heat conduction analysis and automatic mesh generation from isosurface of topology optimization.


Cost Functions for Steady-state Heat Conduction Analysis

OPTISHAPE-TS enables you to evaluate the result of various analyses, such as static analysis, eigenfrequency analysis, frequency response analysis, fatigue evaluation analysis and eigenvalue buckling analysis. In the newest version, the steady-state heat conduction analysis is added to the analyses.

The available cost functions are below.

  • Temperature :
    evaluates the temperature at arbitrary points.
  • Standard Deviation of Temperature Distribution :
    evaluates the bias of temperature distribution.
  • Heat Flux on Temperature-fixed Point :
    evaluates the heatux at arbitrary temperature-fixed points.

The following is an example which used the cost function "Temperature".

In this example, we restricted the volume and minimized the temperature of a specified node. It can be seen that its heat conduction was reduced by increasing the volume ratio of the bar with lower thermal conductivity.

Automatic Mesh Generation from Isosurface of Topology Optimization

The topology optimization is good at rough design. On the other hand, non-parametric shape optimization is good at detailed design. Combining these two optimization results in taking advantage of each other. However, we need to take a lot of time to make a mesh data from the result of topology optimization.

The new feature we will introduce to you makes the mesh generation pretty easier.
The following is an illustration for a comparison between traditional operations and the new feature.

It takes a few hours or days to make a mesh data with multiple softwares in the traditional way. It requires not only man-hours but also the proficiency in each software. On the other hand, with the new function, it is possible to generate a mesh with a few settings and it takes few minutes.

Other enhancements and improvements

Besides those features, approximately 80 features are added or improved, including lower limit for constraint functions, enhancement of glue and contact analysis, reformation of the die draw feature in topology optimization, integration of three solver modules, improving drawing of GUI, speed up of reading a huge BDF file, and generation of tetra-mesh with stl file.


OPTISHAPE-TS is a structure optimization software with the topology optimization, non-parametric shape optimization and bead optimization. For 30 years including the predecessor software OPTISHAPE, this software has been utilized in various fields such as research, development and design of automobile components, electric devices, construction equipments, sporting goods, etc.

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