Suggestion with the optimized shape which satisfied various demand.

Total Solution for Structural Optimization

OPTISHAPE-TS is a structure optimization software useful for designing and developping all sorts of machine parts. (for motor parts, electric apparatus, construction, etc...)
It proposes the structure that you want, by adding dynamics/production requirements. (the most lightweight shape, the superior structure of the vibration characteristic without changing mass, etc...)

The Plural Structure Optimization Functions

You can use the plural structure optimization functions, "Topology Optimization", "Nonparametric Shape Optimization", "Bead Optimization".

For Detail Design

"Nonparametric Shape Optimization" transforms the structural surface freely and finds the most suitable shape.
It's useful for the detailed design stage which you must consider "the dynamics requirements" or "the production requirements"(stiffness, intensity or the vibration characteristic, etc... ).

The Design Idea at The Initial or The Development Stage.

"Topology optimization" is the structural optimization technique that is able to make free material layout.
It's useful for "the initial stage of the design" and "the research/development stage of the product".

Easily Lightweighting.

"Layer Based Shape Optimization" creates the lightweight structure by removing unnecessary elements from the structure surface.
It's useful to find the lightweighting idea of the existing product quickly.

Consideration to The Production Requirements.

You can optimize the topoloygy/shape to fulfill various production requirements while restricting the topology/shape.

Includes Solver.

OPTISHAPE-TS includes various FEM Solvers that are necessary for structural optimization.

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Total Solution for Structural Optimization