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In 1956, a paper, "Stiffness and Deflection Analysis of Complex Structures", was presented by Turner, Clough, Martin, and Topp at AIAA. By tremendous growth in computational mechanics, the concept of this paper made a ripple in giving a rise to make an evolution in number of various manufacturing industries. This paper also leads Finite Element Method into the main current in computational mechanics. In 1980, Dr. Lemon and his partners from SDRC advocated the concept of CAE-Computer Aided Engineering. Today, this concept is about to make another shift for changing designing and manufacturing processes of products in many industries.

Since 1985, when Quint was established, we've been challenging actively to develop the softwares for computational mechanics and looking for other potentials to find new areas of CAE with Prof. N. Kikuchi of The University of Michigan. Adaptive finite element method and topology optimization using the homogenization method are the technologies that we originally developed first in the world. By using the concepts of such methods, we created our original application softwares used for designing products.

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Quint Corporation

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March 22th, 1985
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Keizo Ishii, Ph. D.

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