Total Solution for Structural Optimization

evaluation trial

Before the trial verion download process, please confirm Host ID of your PC.
OPTISHAPE-TS trial version needs a trial license issued with the address.
Your trial license will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
* How to get Host ID *

Application Flow

System Requirements

  • O S : Microsoft Windows 10 / 7
  • RAM : 512MB or higher


We refuse an application in a free e-mail address etc. because this is for evaluation.
The OPTISHAPE-TS Trial version (henceforth a "program") is approved for trial use only to the visitors who agree with following precondition.

  1. This program's copyright is owned by Quint Corporation.
  2. Since this program is only for evaluation use, if any defects are found in this program, Quint does not do a duty to correct them and support. Moreover, even if any damage arises on a visitor during this trial use, our company has no responsibility.
  3. The trial employment period of this program is a month. And after this program download,a license is sent to a registration e-mail address from our company.
  4. Visitor of this trial use are forbidden the following acts in any cases.
    • Replicating this program.
    • Copying this program.
    • Reverse compiling of this program, and performing reverse engineering which is accompanied by disassemble.
    • Lending this program to the others.
    • Giving this program to the others.
    • Using any results obtained from the trial use to visitor's actual job.
    • Engineering consultation work using this program.
    • Public seminar without Quint's approval.

* Please click either "Agree" or "Disagree" on above precondition.
(If you had clicked "Disagree", you can't be approved a program download it.)

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